The Company


A San Antonio-based licensed General Contractor, 2D to 3D Construction is a Design / Build Company that can take you from conception and design (with CAD drawings), all the way through the construction of a beautiful finished project.

At 2D to 3D, we continually strive for perfection, are extremely detail-oriented and require those very same attributes from our network of support professionals.

2D to 3D was a Commercial and Residential licensed Arizona Design / Build contractor for 20 yrs.   In fact, we still have both licenses (though currently on “Inactive Status”).  Arizona’s Registrar of Contractors has much more stringent standards.  They require that all trades be licensed and pass comprehensive examinations in order to contract work in the state.

You also must remain in good standing to retain that license.  Texas does not have those same requirements.  However, 2D to 3D brings to our San Antonio clients those very same ethical principles and values.  You can be confident in the knowledge that you have hired an honest, reputable and ethical contractor – one that knows exactly what they are doing.  Expect a beautiful product, built right, at a fair price, and one that you can love and enjoy sharing with others for years to come!  2D to 3D Construction will deliver exactly that.

We invite you to look through this website for more information and examples of our work.  Also, you can go online to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors’ website to view 2D to 3D’s company history status.